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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Lovely New Review from Steamboat Magazine

Widely recognized for her multi-award winning “Macsen’s Treasure” series, Kathleen Cunningham Guler reintroduces readers to its beginnings.

Combining legend and actual history of fifth century Britain, Guler brings to life the pre-Arthurian time of 459 AD. With every chapter, an awakening sense of place, time and culture engages the reader, and the emotional wholeness of the story’s characters achieves a convincing reality.

Marcus ap Iorwerth spies for a clandestine alliance that will depose Vortigern, the man whose hired mercenaries have killed and displaced the old landholders. With the Romans long gone and lands divided among 29 warlords, Britain lies open to invasion, from Picts in the north, Irish from the west, and Germanic tribes from the continent. Marcus, while on a mission to identity those who would prevent the rightful King Ambrosius from ascending to the throne, meets the young woman Claerwen. Her clan has been victimized by Vortigern’s men.

Claerwen’s gift of visions, known as “fire in the head,” adds a mystical quality to the ongoing battle for power. When word comes of Marcus’s death, she refuses to accept what the world around her would have her believe and embarks alone to find the “other half of my soul.” As they journey into the path of gods, Marcus and Claerwen come to understand where destiny is leading them, and the name she has been hearing in visions.

Guler’s historical fiction gives the reader more than a well-told, captivating story of adventure and love. In a time when lawlessness and suspicion pervaded among the ruling power, an unquenchable desire for something better remained strong. This book leaves the reader with that hopefulness, a welcome feeling in today’s world of apparent disarray.

Harriet Freiberger, for Steamboat Magazine, Spring 2012


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm utterly thrilled and humbled to announce that A Land Beyond Ravens has won the Colorado Book Award for historical fiction! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

This is part of a press release my publisher is sending out:

Longtime Colorado resident Kathleen Guler has won the Colorado Book Award in historical fiction for her novel, A Land Beyond Ravens. Guler accepted the award in Aspen on Friday (June 25, 2010).

Reviews have hailed the book as “one of the most historically realistic Arthurian novels ever written, a thoroughly mature work...” The book tells the story of a spy and master of disguise in fifth century Britain who, while being squeezed between the politics of two powerful kings, accidentally sparks off what becomes the quest for the holy grail.

“Twenty years ago today, I adopted Colorado as my home, and now I feel like Colorado has adopted me back,” Guler said in her acceptance speech. She then read a brief passage from her book.

The prestigious Colorado Book Award is sponsored by Colorado Humanities’ Center for the Book, established as the state-based affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A Land Beyond Ravens, as well as the other books in the Macsen's Treasure Series are available by order from any book store or online venue. It is also available in ebook format at

Still dancing on the table tops here!! :-)))

Saturday, May 22, 2010

And one more award!

While waiting for the final results on the Colorado Book Award (won't know until June 25) I received word that A LAND BEYOND RAVENS has won First Place in the Historical Fiction category in the 2010 National Indie Excellence Awards! Here is the entire list:

The sponsors have also made a video of all the winners' book covers:

Friday, April 30, 2010


A Land Beyond Ravens has been shortlisted in the Historical Fiction category of the 2010 Colorado Book Awards! This is the most prestigious statewide award in Colorado, where I live. Woo-hoo!!!! Prior to the Awards ceremony, I'll be joining other finalists for books signings and readings throughout the state, including a book fair at the downtown Denver Barnes & Noble, May 14-16. More info on this soon. Final results of the Awards will be given Friday, June 25 in Aspen during the Aspen Summer Words Literary Festival. Fingers crossed for luck!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another award for A Land Beyond Ravens!

Woo-hoo! A Land Beyond Ravens took 2nd place Fiction at CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) Book Awards banquet Saturday night! The novel has been nominated for several more awards--should hear more starting in April.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The National Best Books 2009 Awards

Great news! A LAND BEYOND RAVENS finaled in The National Best Books 2009 Awards, in the Fiction & Literature: Historical Fiction category!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Announcing...Blog Tour!!!

I will be on a virtual book tour for my new book A Land Beyond Ravens, starting 5 October. Here are the stops I'll be making. Please stop by and feel free to leave some comments!

5 Oct: The Plot

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7 Oct: Book Madness

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9 Oct: Marta's Meanderings

12 Oct: The Fantasy Pages

13 Oct: The Book Connection

14 Oct: In My Youth

14 Oct: HistFic Chick

15 Oct: Historical Novel Reviews

16 Oct: The Writer's Life

19 Oct: Zensanity

20 Oct: Just Me

21 Oct: Divine Caroline

21 Oct: American Chronicle

22 Oct: The Hot Author Report

23 Oct: The Hot Author Report

26 Oct: Book Tours and More

26 Oct: Historical Tapestry

27 Oct: Scribe Vibe

28 Oct: Café of Dreams

29 Oct: The Tome Traveller

30 Oct: The Story Behind the Book
Book trailer video for A LAND BEYOND RAVENS!
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