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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Review by TCM Reviews

Reviewed by Victoria Kennedy

It’s fifth century Britain and Uther Pendragon rules as high king. His son Arthur has vanished, taken into hiding the day of his birth by the druid, Myrddin Emrys, nephew to the king.

Marcus ap Iorwerth, master spy and loyal subject of the king and his clairvoyant wife Claerwen, have worked hard for many years to see that Myrddin’s vision of Arthur as king comes to fruition. King Uther’s declining health and ill temper become a problem when the king accuses Marcus of betraying him. Uther punishes Marcus by destroying his sword and sending him home.

The Christian church’s continuing bid for power becomes a threat to Arthur’s future reign and the peace of the kingdom. Marcus must now do what he can to prevent the church’s plots from doing too much damage and it won’t be an easy task. Claerwen has her own problems with strange dreams of a mysterious grail that’s linked to Author’s fate.

A Land Beyond Ravens entertains and gives the reader a haunting glimpse into a myth shrouded past filled with legends, magic and heroes. It’s well written and a great read for both fans of Celtic history and fantasy buffs as well.

TCM Reviews

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